New FPC Website

Your eyes aren't fooling you: Yes, this is a new website for our church. Our website has needed a refresh for some time, and our volunteer webmaster John West finally had time to do a major upgrade late in the summer. The new website is designed to be more visual and more friendly for various devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile). It also has some additional material about the history of FPC. Enjoy!

As with any major change, some things may not be exactly right on the new site. So if you see anything that needs to be changed, please let John know at

This is John's parting gift as webmaster, as he will be retiring from running the website by the end of October. He has been responsible for FPC's website for 16 or 17 years. It's been so long that he doesn't actually remember when he started! He does remember that when he and Sonja began attending FPC, one week he went to the web address listed in the FPC bulletin, and he discovered that the church no longer owned its own web domain. So he re-purchased the url and then set about building a new website for the church (with the blessing of the Pastor at the time). In the years that followed, there have been multiple web upgrades and redesigns. From 2004 until recently John also was responsible for email updates sent out by the church. He is delighted that FPC's new communications coordinator Michael Nunes was able to take over that task earlier this year.
Some earlier versions of the FPC website over the years.
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