Service of Lament, Repentance & Hope

On Sunday January 24th, we will be changing the format of our normal Sunday morning worship to offer a special Service of Lament, Repentance, and Hope. This will be an opportunity to bring our hearts before the Lord in the midst of a challenging and turbulent season in our lives.

In preparation for this special service, we invite you to send us your own words of lament and of hope that we may include in the service.

Below you can find some instructions on how you can contribute to this project:
  • Please keep your responses to one sentence or less. A single word or sentence fragment will work.
  • Your words can be general or specific
  • Please only include things that you wouldn’t mind being shared publicly
  • Keep in mind, we may need to edit your words for length and we may not be able to use everything that is sent to us. 

A lament is an expression of grief or loss that we offer up to the Lord. Here are some examples:
  • My senior year soccer season was cancelled 
  • We had saved up for a family trip to Mexico that never happened
  • My mother died and we couldn’t gather as a family

Hope is a confident expectation based on God’s promise and/or God’s faithfulness. You don’t have to use the word ‘hope’ to express hope. Here are some examples:
  • I have hope that God will bring good out of all the hard things that happened this past year
  • I look forward to worshiping together with the whole church family
  • I pray that God will help our church find unity in Christ 
  • My hope is that even in a year of unprecedented changes and interruptions, God does not change

Please send your words of lamentation or hope to our Communications Coordinator Michael Nunes by Jan 18th. Thank you.
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