We are excited to launch four new teams with the purpose of showing our church neighbors that we are FOR Tacoma!  Which team will you join?

Neighborhood Blooms Brigade – Starts May 23rd!
As part of welcoming our neighbors back to the Stadium district this summer, we have committed to planting and caring for several flower beds in our neighborhood. We’re looking for people interested in cleaning/prepping the beds, planting the flowers, and maintaining the beds. The first stage will be working together to prepare the soil after church on Sunday, May 23rd. Holly Welty is leading this .

Apartment Move-In Crew
Moving can be stressful.  In this time of transition, we want to be some of the first people to welcome new neighbors to the community by offering to help with their move-in process. We’ll start with one apartment complex and see how it goes. Looking for people with strong arms and backs and friendly faces. Devon Duval is the heading up this crew.

Merrill Gardens Welcome Team
In 2022, Merrill Gardens at Wright Park, the senior living complex under construction next to us, will be opening its doors to up to 159 senior residents. When these new neighbors move in, we’d love to be prepared with a variety of ways to connect with them and welcome them to the community. If you have a heart for  seniors and would like to help craft the vision for that outreach, please consider joining this team.

Pet Hospitality Squad
We believe a great way to show hospitality to some of our neighbors is through their pets. One of the only times we see our neighbors is when they take their pets outside.  So why not meet a need and provide a setting for establishing relational connections? We don’t have all the details nailed down yet, but we are looking for people who love animals, but anyone who loves our neighbors is welcome to join this team!

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