Holy Week 2024

Palm Sunday (March 24)

All Preschool - 5th graders are invited to help us celebrate Palm Sunday
during the 10:30 service. Kids will be dismissed to the back of the church
by Pastor Eric during his welcome to line up and receive palms. As the
congregation sings “Shout Hosannah,” the kids will wave palm branches as
they walk down the center aisle.

“Come & See” on Good Friday (March 29)

We are inviting the public and our congregation to “Come and See” on Good
Friday. Come into our sanctuary for just a few minutes or stay as long as
you like. Come spend a few quiet moments of meditation or prayer and
worship. Come and go anytime during the day – open from 5am to 4pm. A
variety of local creatives will share throughout the day.

Good Friday Service: “The Way of the Cross” (March 29)

With the beautiful sounds of a string quartet, flute, and Chancel Choir,
the Good Friday service will trace the trail of the cross from the
Praetorium in Jerusalem to where it finally stood – bare, on the Hill of
the Skull, just outside the city wall.
Join us at 7pm for a time of worship and reflection as we honor our Lord
Jesus in communion, prayer, and singing.

Easter (March 31)

Join us at 9am for a free breakfast on Easter and stay for our
special Easter service at 10:30. He is risen!