FPC Campus Safety Update

There have been some questions about security on and around the FPC campus as a result of a few recent incidents. Throughout Tacoma, property crimes have been on the rise this year and our neighborhood has not been immune. The presence of homeless encampments and individuals struggling with mental illness contribute to a feeling of insecurity in our neighborhood, although we don’t believe that every incidence of crime can be attributed to these populations. We also want to assure everyone that, as far as we are aware, the incidents have been restricted to property crimes and we have not seen a corresponding increase in violent assaults.
However, we don’t want to take any crime lightly, nor do we want to be unprepared for future incidents. At the end of the school year, I assembled a SRT (security response team) comprised of  Lucy Leach – Preschool Director, Steve Marshall – HOS Cor Deo, and myself.  We try to meet the first Wednesday of each month to discuss security on this campus.  Our main objectives are to discuss recent security issues, brainstorm additional safety measures and coordinate communication with parents, staff and our community.  Although this group is mainly focused on the school days, some of our items will carry over to nights and weekends.

As for Sunday Mornings, we have implemented a few new safety measures on our campus.  Previously all the church doors were opened each Sunday morning and left unlocked until after the service was over.  We have reduced the number of open doors to just a few and now once the service begins, the only way to enter the building is through the sanctuary entrances.  Our facility manager (David Spencer) and the Ushers make multiple security sweeps throughout the building during the worship service.  David also walks through the parking lot during this time.  We are working on having more people check on the parking lot throughout the morning.

 A personal reminder about personal safety and security
  • Don’t leave items in your vehicles.  This is true for at church, parked at your house or anywhere else around town.
  • When parking at night, try to park in well-lit areas.
  • In the dark, walk to your vehicles in a group or with another individual whenever possible.  If you are here for an evening meeting, look to see if someone needs an escort to their vehicle. 
  • Look out for one another.  
  • If you see suspicious activities or people, please report to 311 or 911 in cases of emergency.  Don’t wait to tell someone else to do this for you.  Your account of the situation will be the most accurate if you report it.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you might have.